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Who am I?

Lettering and typography are my two greatest passions, along with music and food.

I’ve been working with letters for the past 6 years and I’m still learning and enjoying every single part of the process.

Enthusiast about craft and hand-made projects, I love working with my hands.

These are
my core passions:


electronic music



lemon pie


ux/ui Design - Masters’s Degree

2018 – 2019
BAU Centro Universitario de Diseño.

Lettering workshop w/Ausias Pérez

2013 (Workshop)
Complot. Escuela de creatividad.

Graphic Design - University Degree

2010 - 2014
ESDi Escola Superior de Disseny.

Hand-letter logos w/Ken Barber

2013 (workshop)
BAU Centro Universitario de Diseño.


2013 (workshop)
Letterpresss & Slow Print workshop.
  • calligrapher & art director

    2018 – present
    at Three Feelings Studio.
  • hand-lettering freelancer

    2011 – present
    at Sofia Dezaki Studio.
  • art director

    2015 – 2018
    at Zoom Digital Creative Agency.
  • graphic designer

    2012 – 2013
    at Visita3D.