Expert in visual design and UX/UI and also a handcrafts lover. From lettering, to tattoos to playing the guitar or cooking, I am always inspired by what surrounds me.

I have experience working with brands such as 7Up, Decathlon, Alvalle, Mountain Dew, Estrella Damm, Segura Viudas and Freixenet.

My lifetime passion, visual arts, has been my driving force for more than seven years, and I am eager to keep learning and expanding my horizons.

Dirty Hands Music

Fundación Yoli Martins

The Playcook

Cosmic Gyals

Urban Sports Club

The Castle

North Tattoo

Bicos Restaurante






Website Creator

Lettering Artist

UX/UI Design

Problem Solver


Brand & Web Designer

Freelancer, 2020 – present

As a freelancer I have collaborated with different brands, such as nilo.health, Urban Sports Club and others, helping them to develop coordinated visual&communication campaigns and digital contents.

Calligrapher & Art Director

at Three Feelings Studio, 2018 – 2020

Art Director

at Fuego Camina Conmigo, 2015 – 2018

Graphic Designer

at visita3D, 2012 – 2013


UX/UI Design – Masters’s Degree

at BAU Centro Universitario de Diseño, 2018 – 2019

Lettering workshop w/Ausias Pérez

at Complot. Escuela de creatividad, 2013

Graphic Design – University Degree

at ESDi Escola Superior de Disseny, 2010 – 2014

Hand-letter logos w/Ken Barber

at BAU Centro Universitario de Diseño, 2013


at Letterpresss & Slow Print workshop, 2013

ux/ui Design – Masters’s Degree
2018 – 2019

BAU Centro Universitario de Diseño.

Lettering workshop w/Ausias Pérez
2013 (Workshop)

Complot. Escuela de creatividad.

Graphic Design – University Degree
2010 – 2014

ESDi Escola Superior de Disseny.

Hand-letter logos w/Ken Barber
2013 (workshop)
BAU Centro Universitario de Diseño.
2013 (workshop)
Letterpresss & Slow Print workshop.
hand-lettering & ux/ui freelancer
2011 – present

at Sofia Dezaki Studio.

calligrapher & art director
2018 – 2020

at Three Feelings Studio.

art director
2015 – 2018

at Fuego Camina Conmigo.

graphic designer
2012 – 2013

at Visita3D.