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This project was born as a PFG (final degree project) which attempts to provide a different approach to lettering. Humans have always felt the need to classify and catalog everything he could. In the field of typography this fact is latent in the classification made by Maximilien Vox in 1954. This classification divides the fonts in eleven general categories. When this VOX classification tries to do so with display typograhy, is a little bit messy and does not provide anything. What if we try to rank lettering based on their shape? Is it possible to find patterns of similarity? If so, in which way we can show it so that it's useful? These are some of the questions that motivated my work. Following an extensive analysis of different lettering, I could establish certain characteristics that were repeated: tip line -type flat, spencirian, monoline and so-, stroke shape -gothic, rounded and so–. With these concepts I formalized my proposal. The best way to explain the different features found was designing a web-searcher page that will be displayed lettering works from such features.

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